1. Follow the two creators.

2. Send a message HERE and HERE (important that you message both) telling us what makes your blog so different and why you want to join The Wild Network.

3. Include what animal you would prefer to be if you weren’t yourself.

4. You will be contacted within 48 hours if you’ve been accepted.

5. If you are accepted , please add a link to your blog directing to this network.

drownedinacid (creator) and d3funct (creator)
The Wild Network was made for people to be apart of something that could evolve into a grunge revolution. This network is for blogs similar to the people who created it.
rainboow-boobs crystal-c-a-t-s toxic-fairies d-etachedd
helloleonardo insanesburys acidd-dreamss drunkspirit
colorfulttears d-ork salemwhore failed--sinner